Author and Artist



Katariina Souri
– tunnustuksia taitekohdassa


KataKatariina Souri (born 1968) is a Finnish author and artist. She lives in the countryside near Helsinki with her daughter and two dobermanns.

”As an author and an artist you can never say that now I have learned this profession. Lifetime is not enough. I donʼt know wheter Iʼm crazy or greedy to try and do both, but writing and painting also enrich and support one another. The forming of the ideas is an uncounscious process, but when something inspiring comes to surface I get an uncontrollable urge to start creating. While painting I am aloud to be impulsive, when writing more analytical approach is needed. The central theme usually stays the same, reflecting what is taking place in the world within.”

At the moment Souri is writing The Black Mandala trilogy. The first part, White Shadow, was published in Finnish on January 2015 and the second part “Silent Heart” was published in Autumn 2015. Katariina Souris` radioprogram in YLE Puhe will continue in 2016.

”In each of us there is another whom we do not know.”
– Carl Jung